Monday, September 5, 2011


            Back on the bridge the ship moved towards the Dark Matter threshold, accelerating to its maximum velocity, the shroud of mighty neutrino’s formed their space bending shroud around the ship. The two gravity wells of Messier 87 and the Milky Way Galaxy were irresistibly drawn together at one point in time, for the briefest moment the ship accelerated to an unknown velocity approaching infinity. It was unreasonable for a man to understand how fast they went, or how many neutrinos were involved, or how many atoms existed in the universe. Where counting ended, worship began and man could praise God for the wonder of it all. Geneset stood with one foot on technology and the other in eternity, poised on the brink of understanding all there was to know. A moment in a mans life that defines who he is and what he stands for. He knew the only obstacle left was the hardness of his heart. One brittle chip that would bring him face to face with his maker. Above all else he was determined, as every man and woman is, to find that place that he can finally call home. He stayed that way for what seemed a long time, content to know there was more and he would find it some day....

            From the first note that spread out over the crowd, the people of Mandaria were swept away by the presence of God for the first time in twenty nine thousand years. For two and a half hours they were ruined, and when the final note fell, they had forgotten why they were here. Then I stepped to the microphone and proclaimed to them. “Men and women of Mandaria, I stand before you today in honor of the greatest Empire known to man. You have worshipped science and technology as god and he has served you well. Let us rejoice in that while at the same time looking to the future. It is only a matter of time before the living God comes back to search you out, and through me, I proclaim today as that day. I propose a new beginning where the honor to choose ones destiny is paramount above all else. Let me share with you a God of love and power that doesn’t live in our achievements but resides within our soul. Let us worship in freedom and truth, without shame or regrets. Ladies and gentleman, thank you for attending and enjoy the rest of your evening.”
            It was the shortest sermon in universal history, but I had finally found the courage to proclaim the message I had come so far to deliver. Many were changed that day and word spread through out the galaxy. Meanwhile, the fleet pressed on, unaware of impending doom...

            Her strong desire for life flowed from her hart with the depth of an unknown vastness. She was swept away with the hope of more than all she had ever known. The pleasure of reckless abandon tugged at her heart with the throbbing of a drum beat. Where did such hope spring from? What was the source of hope beyond the science that allowed for complete control of every aspect of her existence? Aging wasn’t an issue, health; strength, beauty, wealth, even emotional stress and depression were little more than a footnote in the archives of Mandarian history. Such perfection felt fatally flawed in some deep recess of her soul. The gentle strumming of a guitar drifted up from her subconscious and made her wonder how there wasn’t something more. Every mystery had an answer known through science and technology. It was all fit together so perfectly, with no room for error and nothing left to chance. And the existence of God had been disproved systematically long ago.
            Neural sensors gently lifted her form the dream while memory training maps rapidly flowed through her neural network, reinforcing the fifth principal of knowledge; all things are known because we know them. Warning algorithms cautioned her about the nature of her dream state, but she knew she was below the reporting threshold and she received them with her normal grace. They were like a system of checks and balances since the desire for thoughts contrary to knowledge had been phased out through a thousand generations of genetic modification.
            It was freedom that made her society so stable. Everyone was guaranteed freedom of thought and expression; but the desire for anything spiritual had been phased out long ago.

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