Monday, August 15, 2011


A new alien race
            Chet have never seen anything like it. A new species of alien unlike any ever imagined, it was the first of its kind for human contact. It was all curved lines and tight muscles over a full flex skeleton with multiple joints. Attractive in a repulsive kind of way, thought Chet, he couldn't stop staring. When it stared back and smiled Chet nearly crapped his pants. The deep wisdom was there, knowledge beyond his twenty years of comprehension, it was an enigma of genetic creativity on someone’s part. Built for life in space, it was able to bio-flex its own muscle groups for fitness. When it moved, the tension under it’s skin turned his stomach. if it had a weakness Chet couldn't see it. Mating rituals were a one track ticket to death, he was sure of that. It moved and was in his face, very quick. Chet held his ground as tight nostrils flared with a sharp hiss. For want of something better to do, Chet stuck out his tongue and what passed for a smile crossed lips like a razors edge. The eyes sucked him in and he almost got lost, but it blinked. On purpose? Yes, he was sure of that.
            Clicks and whistles assaulted his ears as it tried to communicate. A translator was out of the question here, Chet drew a picture, and they talked a few words in an hour. For being so sophisticated this was stupid.
            Chet look down to see splayed toes fanned out like webbed feet, half again as long as the rest of its foot. Massive nails the size of a shovel protected those extremities in the event of hand to hand combat. The sleek muscles bulged around double back flex joints giving this thing more knuckles than a broken prize fighter. He  knew it could run fast, its movements were like graceful silk, fluid and steady. For now He was damn happy they were friends, but would it last when Chet told it he had killed its child?
            A strange melody emanated from somewhere, tunes and emotions blending to form a sweet spot beyond his mind, from that place where matter and spirit meet. He was touched in that deep place beyond nostalgia. It was a tangible experience and when he cupped his ears the sound continued. It was a haunting melody that built from a forlorn past up to a majestic eternity. Chet heard the story and knew generations of struggle that cost dearly, but finally there was victory and now the song moved up into present tense, telling of a chance meeting between two universes that should have never happened. The death of a child and soon there would be war. It knew what he had done and he saw flashes of blood lust in those eyes, mingled with a weary notion that said, “I though the battle was over.” Chet was sucked in again and in that moment he knew only one of them would come out alive.

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